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We’re baking for the big time.

Nearly 2 billion rolls come off our lines every year–all with impeccable consistency–so the last roll looks and tastes as good as the first.

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Pioneering Sustainability

Products as unique as your business.

With a nation-leading portfolio of more than 250 baked goods, creating specialty products is, well, one of our specialties. Proprietary buns, unique recipes, niche products—we understand the needs of customization in today’s market. We stay focused on the latest consumer trends and have designed our bakeries to handle modern and innovative processes. Our R&D teams continually evaluate new ingredients, techniques, and products to stay at the leading edge of the industry.

From initial consultations on the design of your proprietary product to rapid development and process optimization, we’ll work together every step of the way.

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Our integrated network of East Coast facilities consists of 10 distinct bakeries, and over 30 depots performing as a team to produce and deliver our baked goods to more than 100,000 restaurants, supermarkets, QSRs, and fast-casual customers.

At Northeast foods, we provide distribution solutions for the largest broadline partners and individual units alike, offering options for either fresh-baked DSD (direct-store-delivery), FOB, or frozen shipping customized to fit your needs.

Our unwavering commitment to customer service makes fast, on-time delivery our foremost concern, and with innovative technologies like RFID-embedded shipping trays, and a proprietary web-based ordering platform, we have the tools to provide accountability for your inventories at the unit level while executing on every shipment.

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Northeast Foods truck lined up in a Baltimore, MD distribution facility.